Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety  is multidisciplinary field that combines wide range of technical, health, legal, psychological and other activities that can be used to detect and minimize potential risks that threaten the life and health of workers and also to determine measures, obligations and rules to minimize or completely neutralize that risks.

Related to Occupational health and safety we need to know two different terms – accident at work and mishap at work. Mishap is considered to be every unwanted and unpredictable event that may or may not have some sort of injury, damage, pollution or something else as a result. On the other hand accident at work is also unwanted and unforeseen event that has material damage, environment pollution or injury as a result. Statistically speaking, on 330 risks 300 happen without any consequences, 29 are potentially dangerous and only one result in an injury, environment pollution or material damage.

During their work hours workers are exposed to many factors that are a product of their working environment. As a result of negative influences a professional illness may occur. It may happen suddenly, after a short exposure or as a result of long-lasting and continuous influence of unfit working conditions such as noise, vibrations, radiations, etc. or unsanitary working conditions.
Occupational health and safety strives to create safe working conditions and to prevent any injuries, professional illnesses and work-related accidents or to minimize negative effects if risks cannot be removed completely. Field of health and safety is not limited only too professional illnesses but it aims to prevent any other illness or injury, although more attention is given to professional illness’ prevention.

Health and safety measures reside in Risk Assessment. This is a study based on internationally acknowledged methods and it serves to determine the existence of any potential dangers and their scope. After analysis different sets of measures are given and implemented to minimize identified risks. By continuously overseeing the implementation of these methods and analyzing their effect we ensure safe working conditions.