Instrument Calibration

Calibration is done on gas analyzers with sensors for measuring: O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, TOC, propane, etc.

Our laboratory performs the following calibrations (non-accredited method):

  • Calibration, i.e. checking the correctness of gas analyzers (linearity, zero and range check, zero and range slippage, response time, determination of lower detection limit, determination of NOx converter efficiency)
  • Calibration of flow rate and volumetric flow meters (anemometers)
  • Pitot tube calibration
  • Calibrating the illuminance meter (luxmeter)
  • Calibration of devices for measuring dust, steam and aerosols
  • Calibration of air flow meters on devices for generating gases, steam and dust


The laboratory has ensured the traceability of reference standards.


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