Cerium financing


Next to existing financing method we can offer you a new, modern financing plan for entreprizes by leasing the instruments trough our partner, GRENKE Croatia.


Before you had to plan your budget and buy equipment directly, paying it in full before it even had a chance to increase your income.

Our solution is simple, fast and flexible.

We offer financing services for equipment in value from only 530 euro nett, trough a simple and fast paperwork procedure.

What are the benefits of leasing your equipment trough our partner, GRENKE Croatia?

Lease benefits are:

  • Lease costs can be written of in 100% amout as a business expense
  • You don't reduce the liquidity and credit capability of your company
  • There is no deposit required
  • No additional paperwork needed
  • Fix intrests in Kunas for the entire duration of the contract - no exchange rate risk
  • Lease can be paid quartarly or monthly
  • Request can be processed and approved in the same day
  • Lease duration: 12 to 60 months
  • Delivery - right after confirmation and contract signing

How to lease the equipment? Simple! No credit worthiness documentation needed!

Total cost of lease processing is 0 Kunas for amounts up to 4.640,00 euro nett.

You do not have to tie down your capital into equipment - invest it in business development!


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