Chemicals and Environment Protection

If your business involves any form of use of chemicals, we offer you services and advice in order to meet the requirements for legal and natural persons who perform the activities of production, marketing and use of chemicals.

We offer you:

  • Translation and creation of Safety Technical Sheets and their updating
  • Registration of chemicals in the HZJZ Register
  • Drafting of stickers
  • Creation of Instructions for working with chemicals
  • Advice on all aspects of your obligations as a responsible person for working with chemicals
  • Monitoring of legislation, both Croatian and EU, to make sure that you are in compliance with all obligations.
  • The possibility of contracting a person responsible for working with dangerous chemicals

It is important to know: a product whose safety data sheet has not been accepted into the Register of Chemicals of the HZJZ sanitary inspection can be withdrawn from the market of the Republic of Croatia.



Questions and answers:

  • What are all considered hazardous chemicals according to regulations?

Substances and mixtures that meet the criteria for physical, health or environmental hazards.

  • Who is obliged to deliver the Safety Technical Data Sheet for a dangerous mixture or substance?

The manufacturer but also anyone else who refines, repackages or changes its name for further use. Also the person who places such a chemical on the market.
Placing on the market is the import, introduction, purchase and sale of chemicals at retail and wholesale, as well as mediation. Placing a chemical on the market is also considered to be the delivery, i.e. making the chemical available to a third party for a fee or free of charge. Importation is considered placing on the market.