About us

Our success is based on our expert employees, individual approach to every customer and happy, satisfied clients who are always back and welcome in our office and lab.

Cerium was founded in spring 2012 by a team of expert engineers, sucessful in their field. In past few years company became known as the first choice for many measuring instruments for flue gas analysis, noise and vibration measurement, sound insulation testing, etc. Cerium is exclusive distributer for Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina for high quality ecom instruments made by German company rbr Messtechnik and other instruments produced by RION from Japan and nTEK from Italy.
In order to provide the best possible service to our clients we've started a modern service center for servicing and maintaining measuring instruments in from our offer as well as a laboratory for calibration of flue gas analizers and determining the K coefficient of Pitot tubes.
The best of us are our employees who, with their knowledge, skills, enthusiasm and constant learning contribute to the success of our company and result in many, many satisfied clients.


Cerium d.o.o.

Koprivnička 70, Zagreb, Hrvatska

T: +385 (0)1 580 59 21